Are you showing sports the same old way?



Live sports are back, baby. And not a second too soon for global sports fans. With their return, broadcasters need to take a fresh look at how to win with viewers in stadiums and at home. What will the viewing experience look like? What new technologies should they keep? What will we take from the home back into the venue? And what does personalization look like in a new hybrid era?

This new visual guide, produced in partnership with Leaders, shares four steps you must take now to connect with today’s sports viewers, including:

  1. Recognizing that audience expectations have changed
  2. Realizing that viewers have less time, money and tolerance for spending on subscriptions
  3. Embracing 5G to bring second screen experiences to the venue
  4. Providing real-time context to suit individual tastes

This guide is for streaming service providers and C-level leaders who want to connect and strengthen relationships with sports viewers in today’s world. 

Help me connect with sports fans

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